New Obsessions - Barre + Olive & June

 So I have been stuck on day 25 of my teacher training for the last month.  I have a hard time making time for myself so when I started the 30 day yoga reset challenge, it really put a pause on my studying.  It is difficult to make time for the workout, plus studies and the training workouts all in a day so I have to pick and choose.  I wanted to finish the challenge and then I started a 7 day barre challenge which made it even harder to get my studies done.  I feel so behind but I love the mix up in practice sometimes.

The only issue is that I am now obsessed with Adrienne's barre program.  I completed the 7 day challenge a while back but not am on round 3 of the same challenge.  I had heard that barre was amazing but I was never interested in trying it.  When the challenge came up, I thought I would try something new and omg my muscles never felt so sore.  I realized how out of shape I was because this is a level 4 class and it was INTENSE.  I just started the 7 day barre body challenge today again to win prizes since she is hosting it to ring in the new year with a bang and I'm still dying.  I do feel stronger even though I have to take breaks and still use less weights, I see little progress from the first time I tried this series to this round.  Adrienne told me that it took her years to build that endurance so I will have to stop being so hard on myself to think I suck for not being able to get through this without stopping or taking the weights out to continue LOL.

My doctor told me to try baby steps on my coping skills and the first step was to try to find a way to stop biting my nails.  It has been a battle all my life and I noticed the only time my nails were grown were when my life was in a good place.  Which means it seems my life is almost never in a good place because I have bitten it pretty much all my life.  Being able to let them grow through all the challenges and mental anxiety has never been possible.  In august I found Olive & June and it has seriously helped me stop biting them.  I have had to constantly paint them and learn to paint them.  Thanks to their mani tutorials that they offer for free, I am slowly getting better and I have not bitten my nails since august!  That is insane.  With all the chaos and issues we are having to handle right now, this is something I would never have though possible.  Super glad I have one down, now to work on my other coping issues LOL

Here is $10 off your first $50+ purchase if you wanted to get some O&J #oliveyourmani


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