Work, School, Yoga, Beach..REPEAT

Our days have been on repeat as I am sure it is for everyone these days.  Coronavirus has made this year so strange.  I feel like I'm losing my mind.  The daily schedule seems to be filled with a lot of therapy sessions, work, school, beach, workout, watching puppies on tv, sleep, repeat.  

Super stoked the boys have found a love for surfing and the beach.  All they want to do is go to the beach everyday.  The last month or so, they have been working on school during the day so they can get to the beach after school before the sun goes down.  I love how much exercise they get without even realizing it.  This is the first time I have seen them spend hours non stop without having to say, "Hey, go go go" they usually sit around and take lots of breaks in everything they do but with surfing and bodyboarding, they just stay in there until it's time to go home.

 I joined a few yoga challenges and it has kept me from studying and practicing my teacher training program and it is giving me anxiety being behind HAHAHAH.  I do love the challenges though.  This one was the longest since it was a 30 day yoga reset.  I did not like the instructor so much but I did like his classes.  The other one was a 7 day barre body and it was only the 2nd time doing barre and oh how much I fell in love with it.  It also showed me how out of shape I am realizing I really need to do other things on top of my practice or I will not be using and strengthening different muscles.  I completed them both and restarting the 7 day barre this week.  I also started the 14 day mobility challenge from Victory Performance & Physical Therapy and it is pretty awesome.  It really shows you how much you need to do mobility exercises everyday.  I love the piano toes.  You really see how non-mobile our body is...

As the year ends, it definitely doesn't feel like Christmas is coming.  I am not sure where my mind is or how I feel.  Feel like I am almost numb or moving like a robot through life these days and it makes me feel very strange.  I am not a festive person but holidays are usually pretty fun and exciting because the kids get excited.  But even they said it just doesn't feel like it's almost Christmas.  That is a strange thing for kids to feel like that and I know things are tough but this is just a weird year.


Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and hope the holidays start to feel more "Holiday" like soon!! XOXO


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