Ichi - First Dog, Best Dog

I never had a dog growing up.  We had cats but no dogs.  Ichi  (named after Ichi the Killer -even though he's not a killer LOL) was the first and he will always be the best.  He rarely barked except if someone came to the door or he had bad vibes..he was just always chill and could go anywhere...

When we moved to California, we couldn't have any pets where we live so he stayed with my parents in Vegas.  I wish we could have him here but it's impossible to find a place that allows pets that I could afford.  I know he has had the best life with my mom spoiling him..more than he could have with us.. 

We rarely see him, usually once a year because we don't get out to Vegas much. I've been waterworks since my mom told me his doctor said he has cancer in his front paws today..they are swollen (more than the pads were all these years) and he can't walk good because it hurts.  She said if the pain medicine doesn't help, she may have to put him to sleep because he won't be able to walk to eat or pee..it makes me so sad.  

 All I have are the memories of him always being by our side snuggling under the covers at your feet or between your legs...little baby Ichi being the shop dog always greeting everyone who came in..being carried in everyone's sweater.  

Please pray for Ichi that he doesn't suffer so much pain..he's always had funky paws that caused him to walk funny as he got older..poor guy.  He turns 18 years old in Nov this year.. he's had such a good life it would be terrible to try to hold on if he's suffering but we will hope the medicine will help him a little and we can get to see him before it's too late..




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