Olive & June Ambassador!!

 WOOHOOO! I am now an Olive & June Ambassador!  I absolutely adore this company.  The customer service and products they offer.  I have now been bite-free for 9 months.  August 2020 was when I started using O&J and learning how to do my own nails.  It has taken me longer than most to be able to use the clean up brush well (still need practice) but now my nail beds have that clean line making it look just so pretty.  I am so happy with my painting that it keeps me from biting them.  It keeps me excited to see what I want to paint next so I end up painting them once or twice a week! 

Anyway, being an ambassador means I get to give others a discount..If you haven't tried O&J yet, you can use my coupon code for 20% off your first mani or pedi system.  Use this link or coupon code cassiejo20 

Otherwise, I still have my share with besties link for 10% off your first order of $50.  Hope you all find painting your nails as fun as I do..especially for you nail biters out there =)


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