Self Kindness

Been trying to absorb more words and learning about self kindness love and care..yet no matter how much I get it, I can't actually practice this.. am I the only one?

My yoga instructor posts often about self love, care and kindess.. she shares a lot of about not being able to practice this for herself and needing reminders..I don't know if it's a mom thing but I have felt like this since I had kids.. 

"I'm going to be honest, I feel an immense amount of guilt at times, for not being the mom I wish I were 😕⁠⁠⁠⁠

Although I talk (maybe a lot) about self-care, ⁠I don't actually practice self-kindness. I've heard so many times "you're too hard on yourself" but never actually paid attention to it, I usually just brush it off- ⁠⁠
And while I was doing a meditation a few days ago, I came to this realization: As much as I practice self-care, I also need to practice self-kindness.⁠⁠
🎯 Loving yourself gives you the tools to love others- but it is self-kindness that gives you the tools to actually sincerely be kind to your loved ones. ⁠⁠
I wanted to open up and share this with you. I'm constantly on a growth path, but there are always, always opportunities for growth. " - Briohny

I find that the immense amount of work that goes into being a parent takes so much away from yourself and if you can't find time to do things to take care of yourself, you fall into this wierd space that you lose yourself and who you are and what you love outside of that.  Being a mom has become one consumed with organizing and following up on every daily task on top of my own work and life responsibilities.  There leave zero time to do things for myself.  

When I have my bad days where I sink into a dark hole thinking that I can't get out of this, I have this cycle that my doctor says is not healthy where I feel this way but then also feel guilty for feeling this way.. why do we do this to ourselves?  

I know I'm not alone in these times and it does help so much to hear that even the people you imagine are always peaceful and calm and happy are struggling the same battles.. 

 Let me know what you think..shoot me an email or message I would love to hear what others are experiencing.

In the meantime, find a moment of peace and quiet or go enjoy that yummy coffee.. I think that is the one thing I look forward to in my day is that coffee and workout that make me feel amazing..I may not take a lot of time for me but even those little things..the coffee, sweat, laugh is a step towards self care =)


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