Birthdays as a Mom

 As we get older, it seems birthdays are just another day.  Thankful that I am not the type of person who likes celebrations anyway.  I feel like especially as a mom/parent, the birthdays seems to disappear into the kids activities.

My birthday happens to fall on Go Skateboarding Day, International Yoga Day, and usually it is the summer solstice.  On top of that, Ziggy had fallen on his elbow on Father's day and we were in the ER and so my birthday was the next day and we ended up calling and running around to doctors pretty much most of the morning because we needed to find out if it was broken.  Since it was a Monday, I worked most of the day but took a break to drive out to my favorite place to get fries and coffee HAHAHA.  That is my highlight of the day is when I can treat myself to a coffee =)

 The boys got to skate on go skate day which was fun because they got to hang with their friends..I think that is more important that doing birthdays LOL  They all were sweet and wrote and made me a cute card and got my hemp seeds  for my salad, wetsuit jacket and flowers..I think that is amazing.  They knew I would like stuff I would use more than just "stuff" HAHAHAHA

For yoga day, I didn't practice but did have fun trying something new!  I haven't been practicing yoga lately because I found the feeling and strength I get from Barre so much more fulfilling but I did manage to join Briohny's hair challenge (see instagram video below on how to)

I didn't try to the floating hairstand one because I had just cut my hair and it wouldn't have worked but this time I was able to try the Floating Downdog.  My hair is still too short so I couldn't get into downdog how I would have liked but it still worked decent.  It was super fun to try! HAHAHA Anyway, if you try it, let me know because it always causes a "WHAT? HOW?!" reaction at first glance =)


Here is how it turned out



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