Passed my Barre Eclipse Final Teaching Demo!!!!

WOOHOOO!!! I was waiting patiently..or maybe having anxiety wondering if my final demo was going to come back with feedback that said I hadn't passed but it finally came yesterday in my email and her feedback was just the best!!! Adrienne made me smile from ear to ear!!  I am so excited I am jumping for joy!

I didn't get into this to become a teacher at all!  I have no experience teaching and I am not sure I even will but through the entire training, she made it so thorough and gave so many steps to teach you how to understand the beat and the workouts and I was forced to practice teach with others which helped me really learn to overcome some of that anxiety and shyness I had.  Believe me, I still stumble and am shy and laugh at myself when I make a mistake but it's so much easier than it was 4 months ago!  Now I totally feel like if I had a chance, I might want to teach it someday because it's such a fun class and it really brings a lot of awareness in your body and how it should feel versus what it should look like...

I am forever grateful for my study buddy Victoria.  We practiced every week and throughout the week we would send each other videos for feedback on days we couldn't meet on zoom and even with out opposite timezones, we pushed each other so much and our personalities of perfectionism were so similar that we really could see how much progress we both made in these months.  We both got our feedback last night/today and we both passed!!!  

Not sure what will become of this but I know I love barre even more now and with understanding more and more of how our muscles are working and the happiness and strength it gives me, I would love to help others just for fun..Victoria and I will still practice weekly just to never forget how to teach it and to see what we come up with but it would be fun to do classes with friends just because it's such an amazing feeling to feel that muscle shake!

Anyway, I'm sure this is pretty boring but for me I am over the moon!!!! Let me know if you ever want to practice with me! I would love to laugh and sweat together! XOXO


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