Quick Vacation Back Home on the Islands

 We went home to Hawaii for a last minute trip.  I really didn't want to travel during the summer because Hawaii is so expensive and extra crowded during the summer but an old friend of mine had mentioned he had a room and car for me and it was a no brainer.  I booked the tickets and after that things just got crazy and we almost didn't make it back home!  

Our hotel fell through due to plumbing issues and I was scrambling a few days before our flight to find a place to stay.  My other good friend eventually found us a place but it was expensive but since we already had our tickets and had already gotten tested for Covid, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for the hotel.  The scary part was, we had to pay up front and no refunds no changes so then I was even more stressed because we didn't get our covid results yet and I was worried if one of us was positive, I'd be out all the money I just paid for the hotel!!!  Thank goodness that night I got the results back and we were free to go!

I had literally not been home since we left at the end of 2013.  We went back 2 years ago but it was for 4 days and we were with  Mat's family so we didn't get a chance to do much or see anyone because we were busy showing them around so this time we had some time to see some friends and go to the beach.  Last time, the boys weren't into surfing or care much about the surroundings so we didn't do much beach time and they forgot what I mentioned of old places last time. It was nice that this time they were really interested in places and stories.  7 days is not enough.  All we came to do really was surf so we spent most of the days in the water.  Hard part is, everyone else is busy as well and no one wants to go to Waikiki with the crowds and if no one surfed then they didn't wanna meet us since we'd be in the water HAHAHA.  We had so much fun and I wished we had a few more days so we could have surfed more and seen a few other people we didn't get a chance to see yet.

Overall, we had such a great time as hectic as it was.  I think by the end of the trip we were tired of eating out and we had eaten all the stuff we really wanted to eat so we were wondering what to eat everyday but we would have loved to surf a bit more.  Nothing better than the warm bath water at sunset that we would never have here in California LOL.  It was so nice to see their old movie night crew and a few old friends.  Get a quick muddy hike in with my favorite hiking partner and catch up with everyone.  Can't wait to go back..wish it wasn't so expensive and I could afford to do that more often. 



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