Can a Woman Be Too Independent?

A friend of mine recommended a podcast episode today and I was listening to it while waiting for the kids classes to let out.  Have you ever felt like it was SOOOOOO you as it was playing?  Seriously felt like it was speaking to me.  I am not religious but what they were speaking about hit right to home...

I feel like as a single mom, you have a lot on your plate and on your shoulders.  The responsibilities are endless and you really need to find some kind of balance.  We are all doing so much more than we can handle at times and just juggling that that you lose the part of you that can share and give love.  So much of you goes in to making ends meet, working hard to keep your head above water, getting school work and homework done and on task, cooking, cleaning, kids activities and keeping everyone the end of the day you just don't have the space for affection and love and it won't help if you end up shouldering everything and slowly start to feel like you have no space for someone else outside of being a mom and work.   This part was so key in life..this battle between being independent and needing to be old school style..

"You're a woman and you're genuinely happy being in your masculine, so be it.  I'm not going to tell you how to run your life.  You do what you want.  But what I noticed is that doesn't typically work in the long run.  At some point, being in her masculine wears her down.  Drains her.  And now, she wishes she had a man who was more masculine so she could slide more into her feminine. And when he isn't that man, she resents him, she doesn't respect him the same..and now we have a whole clashing between the two." -Stephan Labossiere

How do you find a balance when you are a mom who puts kids and work first?  How do you stop being so independent that you can have help so you don't shoulder it all?  So much to consider..we have grown so much to being strong independent human beings who don't need anyone to help and support them to survive..yet doing so means losing the part where you can just be and say hey you do it and I'm going to stay home and just be a girl LOL


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