Ziggy Needs Your Help Getting to London For His School Trip

UPDATE 12/1/22: Because of donations and Ziggy working hard at his job, Z only has about $100 balance to pay for his trip.. He has been working a lot and put in his own money. We are super grateful for a handful of friends who donated! What was truly amazing were the few who hadn't even met Z yet but still donated because they really wanted to help him. The grandmas and a friend of the boys really helped with his trip.couldn't have done it without you all! Big or small it really was so kind of you.  THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE 10/18/22:Rocket is no longer going on his trip because he decided to attend public school again. So all the funds will go towards Ziggy's trip to London. He really could use all the help he can get. If you are in the area, he is willing to wash your car or clean you yard =)

Both boys are getting such great opportunities to go on a school trip next year. As a single mom, this is not something that I can afford to do on my own so I have asked them to reach out to everyone and also submit their application for the scholarship in efforts to fund their trips.

Ziggy will get to go to London and Rocket will get to go to DC. They are both so excited to go and I really want them to have the chance to explore places with their class where they can learn history.

If anyone can help that would be AMAZING. We would appreciate it so much and keep you all posted if they get the scholarship..seems like it may be difficult to get but if they did get the scholarship it would help a portion of the trip so please wish them luck!!

 They  made separate fundraising pages for them that goes directly to their balance (Which is what we prefer). Here is the link:

Ziggy: https://account.eftours.com/donations/pB7P7J

We also started a GoFundMe for them combined which includes the fee they take in the total: GoFundMe



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